Amsterdam based film maker Karsten de Vreugd has his roots in theatre.
Before becoming a professional film maker, he was an actor. Now, as a director, he loves to work very closely with the protagonists in both fiction and documenatry.
His first short film Route du Soleil premiered at the Dutch film festival in 2016 in the best debut selection before touring the worldwide festivals.
Karstens first documentary: Well fed (57" /2017) won several international awards and is still touring the festival circuit. His second documentary ‘Sunday kids' (35" / 2018)  for VICELAND NL aired in 2018. And reached a wide audience and got a lot of national attention.
Through his passion for music and storytelling, he has been asked for several music video’s and is also very passionate in creating short format. A strong narrative and a documentary feel is what he aimes for in all his work.
Currently Karsten is developing his first feature film funded by the Dutch filmfund , a own-produced short film, serval new short format projects and a feature length documentary with Moondocs is in the making. Karsten is founder of Sugar Rush a production company that makes arward winning documentaries and high end character driven fiction.